Mineral Investigation

Purpose of the investigations

"A mineral is any natural, inorganic (not living) solid, whose atoms are arranged in an orderly fashion! And as a result of the orderly arrangement of the atoms, the object is uniform throughout. The proportions of the different atoms are fixed. From the X-ray of this mineral we can see that the ratio of red to white atoms is one to one throughout the specimen! If the atoms were arranged randomly, the ratio of red to white atoms would vary from one part of the specimen to another!"

You have been hired by the Know-Whiny Investment Corporation to determine the value of a mineral deposit located on a piece of land they are considering buying. The Corporation has supplied you with six bags of mineral samples their agents have collected from the land. Each bag contains multiple samples of the same mineral. Although the samples in each single bag may vary somewhat in appearance, they are the same mineral. Because they are the same mineral, all the samples in a single bag have the same identification number. Your task is to determine the name of the mineral that each bag contains. That is, you need to determine the name of the mineral that each of the six numbers represents.