Our Motto is to provide professional services that enhance quality of life and environment and in turn creating value for Clients and Society.

Rendering Consultancy

Services in Natural Resources Development & Management, Geo-Engineering, Geotechnical & Surveying for Govt.Agencies, Contruction, Cement Industries.

Helping Society in

Creating employment opportunities to qualified and unemployed Geologists, Chemists, Mining Engineers and other Technologists. To establish a rapport between the regional investigations being carried out by the governmental agencies and universities

Welcome to NRDCS Limited.

NRDCS Limited is incorporated under Section 8 of the Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Societies Act, 1964, in the year 1974. NRDCS is a leading professional Natural Resource Identification, Development and Management Consultancy Organization, of its kind, promoted under the EPP & EPOC Schemes of the IV & V Five Year Plans, with the Financial participation and support from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of India.

It has more than 40 years of proven service record in the field and complemented by a team of experts to provide creative and practicle solutions

Ground Water Investigation

NRDCS groundwater location service will benefit home owners whose wells have gone dry or flow has decreased...

Water Well Drilling

NRDCS undertakes borewell drilling. Because each well has its own characteristics and issues NRDCS will provide price quotes...

Geophysical Resistivity Survey

A host of electrical methods are available for geophysical work. Some of these measure earth's naturally occurring electric...

Chemical Analysis

The greatest strength of NRDCS is in its capabilities for undertaking analytical chemistry assignments for the engineering industry.

GeoTechnical and Foundation Studies

We bring to your project skills acquired on a wide range of projects involving buildings, railroads, open-pit and underground...

Soil Investigations

Soil Environment Services are specialists in assessing soil erosion and undertaking other specific soil investigations...

Diamond Core Drilling

NRDCS Ltd offers its clients, services for making Drilling holes by using diamond core drilling method.

Mineral Investigation

You have been hired by the Know-Whiny Investment Corporation to determine the value of a mineral deposit located on a piece...

Earth resistivity meters

Non-destructive testing (NDT) conductivity meters and resistivity meters are devices for measuring electrical...